Long and healthy hair with hair oils


Hair oils. Something I will never give up. The first time I came across hair oils was while I was travelling in India. My best friend there used to oil her hair several times a week, and I don’t mean just applying a few drops on split ends, but rubbing a whole lot of it in the scalp too. In India this is very common and the oil is left in for a few hours or even the whole night. I was obviously tempted to try it out. (Indian women have gorgeous hair – extremely long and healthy!) Since then I have used different oils on my hair and the recipe I am posting here is my all time favourite and very simple.

2-3 tbsp Argan Oil

2-3 tbsp Coconut Oil

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

(The amounts are flexible, depending on how much hair you have)


Argan oil, which has also been called ‘liquid gold’, is a hair and skin wonder extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. It contains various beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E, and it is an excellent moisturiser and great for taming fizzy hair.


Coconut oil has become a hit in the world of natural beauty as both hair conditioner and skin moisturiser. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and lactic acid, penetrates the hair easily and prevents protein loss in hair. It is nourishing for the scalp, works wonders for damaged hair and has even been used against balding and hair loss.


Peppermint essential oil gives the mix a lovely smell and moreover, boosts hair growth as it improves blood circulation on the scalp. (For me the smell is quite important. I have tried hair treatments even with olive oil and garlic but for that it is better to have no one else around…)


Mix all the ingredients together (coconut oil will melt if you mix with your hands) and apply gently on your hair and scalp, starting from the ends and working your way up. Take your time in massaging your scalp as it improves blood circulation and hence, hair growth! You can then wrap your hair up in a towel for an hour or two, or for the best result, lay a towel on your pillow and leave the oils to work overnight. Wash your hair normally but thoroughly in the morning and enjoy your silky and shiny hair!

How do you keep your hair and scalp nourished? Which are your favourite ingredients for a hair mask?


3 thoughts on “Long and healthy hair with hair oils

  1. Where do you find these wonderful ingredients?
    What about adding eggs to your recipe (I have heard adding some protein may help)? 🙂


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