Fight the Flu Season with Ginger tea!


Up here in the North we are having the typical flu season right now. Everyone’s coughing in the bus and there is always a friend or a family member who has fallen ill. For that reason, I have decided to post a recipe for my absolute favourite drink for when I feel under the weather, Indian chai! I don’t mean the one from a tea bag, but one with fresh ginger and black tea. In India people drink it at least as many times a day as the English their beloved tea, and it is by far the tastiest of all teas I know.

Ginger is known world wide for it’s healing properties for stomach and joints, as well as for cough and flu. This drink has therefore great potential for many things and it is also very easy to make. For two cups you will only need:

imag0591_1          imag0595_1

1 cup milk

1 cup water

Ginger (~half the size of a finger)

1 tbsp Black tea


If your stomach doesn’t handle milk well you can just use water, and if you do not wish to use sugar (I know this is the unhealthy part, do forgive me) you can replace it with honey or leave it out completely. However, milk and sugar (which one puts a lot of in India) make much of the taste, and sugar might just be the reason one feels suddenly better and more energetic after drinking chai…

Measure milk and water in the cups you will use and pour in the sauce pan. Peel a piece of ginger (the more ginger the spicier the tea), chop it into smaller pieces and crunch the pieces in a mortar or between two spoons (like I do as I don’t have a mortar.) Crunching is important as the juice comes out better that way! Bring the milk, water and ginger into boil and if you have loose tea, add it at this point. Remember to mix often! Turn off the hob once the surface of the tea rises and there is a little foam. Pour the chai into cups through a siv and add 1 to 5 tsp of sugar in each cup according to your taste. Enjoy this drink by yourself wrapped up in warm clothes or blankets or better still, share it with a friend!


Feel free to share your favourite flu drink or cure with us! 


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