Natural Face Cleansers for Brighter Skin


Strong makeup removers, toners and face scrubs… They never suited me and I even went with only washing my face with water for a while, as my skin appeared more calm that way. However, keeping your skin clean is a highly important part of skin care. You just have to find the right way to do it. Here are a few options that have worked wonders for me!

Charcoal soap and witch hazel

After a friend of mine told me about her favourite little natural beauty shop in Helsinki (Hämeentie 17A), I had to check it out. Needles to say, they got a new customer, and I got myself a charcoal soap – handmade in the shop! – and an intriguing witch hazel spray. (Check out their webshop at

Charcoal soap is a highly praised face/body cleaner, working as a gentle exfoliator and drawing impurities out of the skin as well as having antibacterial qualities. There are even stories of charcoal soap being a miraculous cure for acne. My charcoal soap contains shea butter and various great oils for the skin, and hasn’t dried my skin out at all.

Which hazel is in fact often used in cosmetics, and the native Americans have used it for medicinal purposes. It is extracted from the leaves and bark of a witch hazel, and has soothing, healing and skin tightening properties. It is especially good for treating soars and eye bags, and I use it as a toner after washing my face. I have to say I love it.


Jojoba oil eye make up remover

Simple and efficient. Jojoba oil being one of my absolute favourite face oils is also great for removing eye make up. Especially mascara can sometimes be hard to remove, but you can make it dissolve fast with jojoba oil. Just apply the oil, swipe, and wash normally! Afterwards you can apply some on your face for moisture, as it is great for the skin, very similar to the oil that our own skin produces and can balance the skin’s oil production.


Honey and oat mask

This soothing mask is very simple and the ingredients can be found in almost every kitchen. Honey is famous for it’s antiseptic and moisturising properties, and it cleanses the skin and pores. Oats have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are ideal for sensitive skin.

Just mix a small amount of oats and honey into a paste and apply on your face for as long as you like. The time can be anything from rushed 10 minutes to overnight. I find it hard to have it on my face for long though, as it drips a little. If you want a nicer texture you can ground the oats, and if you are suffering from acne you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil and lemon juice in the mask. (Then just wear for a shorter time.)

This mask is very gentle and it has always left my skin feeling silky afterwards!

I would love to hear about your natural face cleansing rituals!


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