Home Made Lotion Bars for Smooth Skin


Lotion bars are a simple, practical and fun way of keeping the skin of your body smooth and moisturised. Whether you are tackling the dryness of winter or preparing for the sunny beach season, lotion bars always come in handy! I, personally, like a lot of my cosmetics in bar form, and waiting for creams and oils to absorb is not really my thing.

In addition, a lotion bar is incredibly versatile! You can easily take it with you on a trip, give it as a gift or use it as a massage bar. It can also be made into a scrub bar, insect repellent or a deodorant bar but that is a subject for another time. I promise to you to get back to that!


Lotion bars are really very simple. For a basic bar you only need 3 ingredients:

1 part coconut oil

1 part shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter

1 part beeswax

If you want to add a scent to the bars, use a few drops of essential oil or make your own flower infused oil. You may also add vitamin E oil (works as a preservative).

Feel free to experiment with different oils and with the amount of beeswax. A massage bar, for example, could be slightly harder than your usual lotion bar. However, a very small amount of bees wax can already make a big difference to the hardness of the bar so careful there! Stay close to the usual ratio (1:1:1).


How to make it

Use a double boiler, or make one by heating up water in a bigger saucepan and placing a smaller one inside it. Put the main oils and the beeswax into the smaller pan and melt them together. (Beeswax takes a bit more time.) Once melted, take away from the heat, add essential oil or vitamin E oil if you wish, and pour into a mold. I bought myself some soap molds but you may use what ever you like for your lotion bar to harden in (icecube trays, cupcake molds, anything). Let the bars cool down and harden in a fridge or a freezer (2 hours is enough in the freezer) and enjoy the result!


Decoration and flower infused oil


I wanted to add something special to my lotion bars, so I went out to get some flowers. I already had dried lavender for the scent – thanks to a lovely friend of mine – but I collected wild violets for a little decoration and dried them in between a book.


I advice you to be careful with flowers, as not all are good for the skin! In addition, flowers inside the lotion bar can make it go bad faster. That is why I dry the flowers first and only add a few of them on top of the bar where they will be used fast.

You can replace essential oil with your own flower infused oil. To make a perfect flower infused oil you need to have a lot of time and patience – which is why I took a short cut and used the double boiler method instead of locking my flowers up in an oil jar for weeks. Mix the dried flowers (for example lavenders, roses, daisies or lilacs) with coconut oil in a double boiler, bringing the water to boil. Then continue on medium heat for at least 30 minutes with a lid. After you think it’s ready, filter the remains of the flowers away from the oil and use the oil in your lotion bars. Voila!



Have you already tried home made lotion bars? Any lovely tips for decoration or scent?


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